Rough Draft

About RoughDraft

A barkeep and two bottle washers...

   Roughdraft is a team effort to bring a memorable dining experience to a unique environment, while focusing on seasonal and locally sourced products. The Owners consist of: Aaron Wilcenski (Big A), Erik Jackson, and Nick Jarvis. The team met in 2009 when all three were opening a series of restaurants for Tom Douglas. Early on the group sensed a strong creative connection, with the same passion for guest hospitality. Since 2010 Roughdraft has been hosting private dining events all over the city, under several labels.  Roughdraft prides its self on seeking out unique venues that offer a refreshing dining experience. As individuals, the Roughdraft team has enjoyed their own success in several popular restaurants in Seattle and around the country. 

   Being Roughdraft's only native son of Seattle, Nick Jarvis is a large part of the groups local popularity. Nick has been in the service industry of Seattle for many years. Previously Nick helped open two very popular restaurants in Seattle. His curation of sake and the distinctive cocktail program at Tanka San was truly imposing. His vast beer and cider knowledge certainly helped The Bravehorse Tavern achieve its success.  Currently Nick is the general manager of The Carlile Room, the third new restaurant that he has helped open for the TDR Group. Nick shares a very similar approach to his beverage program as Big A and Erik do to their food. The focus is local seasonal products, treated with respect and not over complicated. 

   Erik Jackson moved to Seattle just over a decade ago, and has wasted no time getting a good reputation in the city.  It was easy for Erik to excel out here, especially with the great bounty that is northwest produce.  Erik has sharpened his forward thinking fresh palate with several successful restaurateurs. Erik was a crucial part of the wildly accredited opening team at Spur Gastropub. He then opened the The Coterie Room for the group as the Chef.  His most recently finished project was as the Chef of Capitol Cider in Capitol Hill. While at Cider he helped introduce a unique platform for other local chefs to collaborate on cider specific coursed dinners. He is now currently doing private catering all over the city. 

   Aaron Wilcenski (Big A)  moved out here from the Midwest, just under ten years ago. Starting in the kitchen at age 12 has been a bit of an advantage for him. His early years in Seattle where spent as a sous chef for the likes of Tom Douglas, Jason Stoneburner, and the McCracken & Tough Group. As an Executive Chef he has been lucky to work with Maria Hines, Scott Staples, and The Notable Restaurant Group.  His mildly nomadic career has given Big A, a great understanding of "New American Cuisine" from across the country.  He has been spending his time recently as a chef consultant, opening and redesigning spaces all over Seattle. 

   Their is a common thread that has been in every part of each individual career path. The gist is quality sourcing, with a lite hand. That consideration goes into each course as much as it does to each beverage pairing. To provide a truly unique experience we will continue to find the most uncommon and colorful locations for events. We hope to see you soon.